Seven Deadly Sins and Pagliacci
Virginia Opera

Seven Deadly Sins and Pagliacci

Virginia Opera

“After a long association as AD and choreographer with Virginia Opera, Keturah made her directorial debut with a double bill of Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. Setting both works in the 1930’s, she found a more abstract through line in the appearance of clowns involved in very human trials, ultimately using the tag line, “when it comes to love, money, and fame, we are all fools.”


Canio Clay Hilley
Nedda Kelly Kaduce
Tonio Michael Chioldi
Silvio and Brother II Lee Gregory
Beppe and Brother I Stefan Barner
Anna I Ute Gfrerer
Anna II Gabrielle Zucker
Mother Christopher Morales
Father Bille Bruley


Conductor  Adam Turner
Sets Constantine Kritikos and Keturah Stickann
Costumes Pat Seyller
Lights Jeff Bruckerhoff
Projections Peter Torpey

"The theatrical vitality of the concept and the musical urgency that complemented it added up to a convincing, involving experience."
Tim Smith, Opera News
"Stickann found parallels in depicting characters who are caught in a conflict between passion and reason."
Paul Sayegh, Virginia Pilot